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10 Best Coffee Machines In Singapore (For Home & Office!)

September 29, 2021

To choose the best coffee machine for your home or office, you have to learn the difference between the various types of such devices. Also, consider your and your team’s needs:

  • You prefer standard black coffee: Choose a drip machine.
  • You like a strong espresso coffee or latte: Consider a capsule or espresso coffee machine.

Read along as we review different types of coffee machines and the best products currently in Singapore.

3 Types Of Coffee Machines

Capsule Machines

The most popular capsule coffee machines in Singapore come from the following three brands:

  • ESE
  • Nescafe
  • Nespresso

These machines are best for beginners and people who want their cups of coffee quickly. On the downside, capsule machines create a lot of unrecyclable waste.

Espresso Machines

Espresso machines are best for people who don’t believe that all coffee is created equal. So, you’d have to be an enthusiast with a knack for grinding your coffee beans. Besides, the entire manual process takes more time than it does with capsule machines.

So even though you’d need a higher skill level to use an espresso machine, you’re more in control of the whole process, plus you’re more sure you’re drinking fresh coffee.

Drip Coffee Machines

Drip coffee machines are a common choice for offices, but you can also buy them for your home if the people in your family drink several cups each day. So, these drip coffee machines are best if you want to brew lots of coffee, but they’re also easy to use.

Their unique selling proposition: you can schedule your drip coffee machine in the evening and enjoy a fresh cup of Joe in the morning.

On the downside, this coffee isn’t as high-quality as what you’d get from an espresso machine. Also, drip coffee machines are high maintenance because they require regular and thorough cleaning.

The Best Coffee Machines In Singapore

When you choose the best coffee machine, make sure you’re judging these products through the lens of your needs. Every coffee maker in the world has a “best use”; try to find that and see if it satisfies your most poignant needs.

That’s what we’ve done with the products below so that you can find a coffee machine that’s best because it fits your preferences, not because marketing tells you so.

1. Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo: Best For Hot And Cold Coffee

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo is easy to use and has a space-saving design. Piccolo is the best coffee machine for people who enjoy both cold and hot coffees.

Bonus points for the eco-mode because Piccolo switches off if it’s not used for five minutes. So, this machine saves you money apart from delivering you a delicious, fresh cup of coffee almost instantly.

2. Braun KF7120: Best For Programmability

Braun KF7120 is the best coffee machine for you if you value every extra second of sleep you can get. Thus, KF7120’s 24-hour timer allows you to set the device accurately so that you’ll wake up smelling the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Besides, you can choose how strong or light your coffee turns up. You also get the 1-4 cup feature that allows you to brew less coffee without compromising on your cuppa’s quality.

Bonus: the anti-drip system allows you to pause the brewing whenever you feel like it without making any mess. Thus, Braun KF7120 wins the prize for the most user-friendly coffee machine in this review.

3. Nespresso Inissia: Best For Larger Amounts

Nespresso Inissia is a capsule coffee machine that uses pods. So, you can get your coffee quickly and pain-free.

Besides, Inissia is feature-packed and user-friendly. You can remove the water tank and use the folding drip tray if you love Latte Macchiato.

If you and your loved ones or colleagues drink different amounts of coffee, rejoice; you can actually program the cup sizes, so everyone drinks as much coffee as they need.

Also, we’re giving Inissia bonus points for the ability to store 11 used containers.

4. HiBREW ST-504 Espresso Coffee Machine: Best For Versatility

HiBREW ST-504 is a highly versatile coffee machine because you can use it with capsules and ground coffee. Moreover, those capsules can be Nespresso as well as Gusto.

Thus, HiBREW ST-504 is a 3-in-1 coffee machine.

But that’s not all; ST-504 boasts a 19-bar extraction pressure, and that amount of pressure will squeeze every last molecule of coffee from the beans.

And, unlike other coffee machines, this one’s a breeze in terms of maintenance. Simply remove the water tank, and you’re good to go.

5. Cornell Coffee Maker CCM-21: Most Affordable

Sometimes you need a coffee machine that’s cheap and quick. If you’re not a coffee connoisseur and so don’t make any fuss about what you’re drinking, choose Cornell CCM-21.

This coffee machine is easy to use, and it gives you tasty coffee without any mess, thanks to its anti-drip design. Besides, the filter holder is removable, so that means you can clean it easily.

6. Philips HD7762: Best Value For Money

Philips HD7762 is an affordable coffee machine too, but it gives you more value for your money than the Cornell CCM-21.

CCM-21’s unique functions include:

  • The fresh-bean container has two partitions.
  • The bean selector allows you to choose the type of beans you prefer or mix them both.
  • There’s an integrated grinder if you like to drink freshly ground coffee.
  • You can adjust your coffee’s intensity.
  • A preset timer allows you to select the time when you want your brewing to start.
  • You can wash both the glass jug and the filter holder in the dishwasher.

7. Wacoco Minipresso GR: Best Portable Coffee Maker

Wacoco Minipresso GR is the best coffee machine for people who are always on the go. If that’s you, don’t compromise the quality of the coffee you’re drinking.

Instead, try Wacoco Minipresso GR. This compact coffee machine only needs hot water and ground coffee to work. Besides, it’s highly intuitive and quick so that you can get your fix anytime, anyplace.

8. Breville BES980 The Oracle Espresso Coffee Machine: Best For Connoisseurs

If you’re a connoisseur, you’re not going to settle for mediocre coffee just because you can get it faster. So, whether you need a coffee machine for home or office use, you want to make sure that what you’re drinking is on par with your expectations.

Breville Oracle is the right choice, thanks to its slew of high-tech features that work together to ensure that fantastic taste you’re used to. Let’s review these features to see what you can expect:

  • The dual boiler ensures a high temperature precision. That’s important because brewing coffee at a low temperature makes it taste washed out. Conversely, brewing it at a temperature that’s too high gives it a whiff of burn.
  • Extraction is made at a 15-bar pressure with an Italian-made pump. And who knows more things about coffee, love, and the love for coffee than the Italians? Anyway, the high-quality pump and high pressure ensure that the coffee beans are squeezed for every molecule of taste.
  • The integrated grinder shortens the time between grinding and extraction to ensure a fresh flavour.

The pre-infusion stage at low pressure ensures the coffee grinds can expand before extraction, which means you’re getting a balanced espresso.

Bonus points: you can choose between a 30 ml shot of espresso or a 60 ml one.

9. Krups EA8108: Best For Two Drinks Simultaneously

Krups EA8108 is the best coffee machine for those busy mornings when you and your partner both need to have coffee ASAP. So instead of starting a fight about who goes first, start the Krups EA8108.

You can share that double shot you’re getting from this machine with your loved one, or you can save it for later. As a result, you’re saving more time during your workday.

There’s even better:

Krups EA8108 has an integrated grinder so that you can enjoy a deliciously brewed espresso without learning how to use a manual espresso maker.

10. De’Longhi Dedica Style EC685: Best For Cappuccinos and Lattes

Dedica Style EC685 is a high-tech espresso machine that allows you to enjoy richly flavoured coffees that will power you throughout the day.

But what’s the difference between this machine and the other espresso coffee makers in this review?

Dedica EC685 is a coffee machine for people who like to savour their coffees. So, get this espresso maker if you like the voluptuous feeling of sipping a strong coffee with cream or froth milk.

And you can enjoy a lot of that voluptuous feeling because this coffee machine withstands cups up to 12 cm in height.

So, Dedica EC685 doesn’t just get you a quick 30 ml shot of coffee.

Still, your potion will be as potent as possible because this machine uses a 15-bar pressure pump for the extraction. You can use your ground coffee for a fresher taste or pods if you want to get your coffee quicker.

You’ll also feel like a real barista brewing your espresso and frothing your milk. Bonus: your coffee will be ready as fast as you can spell cappuccino because the machine reaches brewing temperature in 40 seconds.

Best Coffee Machine Conclusion

Choosing the best coffee machine for your home and office is essential. You want everyone to feel refreshed and productive, ready to tackle their day. At the same time, you want to reward yourself with a rich, fresh taste – and possibly even impress your clients.

Conversely, if you choose a poor coffee machine, everyone will feel cranky and annoyed all the time. So, it’s best not to compromise on quality.

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