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9 Best Maternity Wear That Is Comfortable & Affordable

June 3, 2022

As any soon-to-be mom knows, being pregnant can be both an amazing and challenging experience. Apart from the physical changes, your growing baby requires that you adjust your lifestyle to support its needs.

Other than financial needs, it can be challenging to find clothing items that accommodate your changing figure while also being affordable.

We analyse some of the best maternity wear on the market – clothes that strike the perfect balance between comfort and affordability. Whether you’re looking for stylish dresses and tops or essential leggings and nursing bras, these maternity wear picks will help you feel great throughout your entire pregnancy.

So if you’re ready to start shopping for comfortable, affordable maternity clothes, read on!

1. Mama’s Choice Activewear Maternity Leggings

Mama’s Choice Maternity Leggings offer increased flexibility and support as your baby grows inside your belly. Unlike other stretchy leggings, these have specifically-crafted waistbands for:

  • Increased support
  • Reduced lumbar pain
  • Reduced pelvic pain
  • Adjusting the leggings however you feel better

Mama’s Choice Maternity Leggings are also breathable because they’re made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester. This material is soft, durable, and looks stylish.

Psst: You can even wear these pants after birth, so they’re a long-term investment.

2. Hope & Ivy Maternity Mila

Pregnant women don’t have to hide their bellies in large sack-like clothes. You can still be feminine even in comfy maternity dresses.

Hope & Ivy proves that statement.

The dress is soft and stylish, with elegant embroidery and cut-out detail. The V-neck is highly sensual and breathable, complementing the button-through front.

Besides, the tie waist and kick split will make you look as sexy as ever.

Hope & Ivy is made with sheer chiffon, which gives it a light, floaty texture. Another advantage of this material is that it will fit your shape from the first weeks of pregnancy to the 9-month bump.

Good maternity clothes can help you lower the overall costs needed for your pregnancy. You never know you’ll need a bunch of cash for the next doctor’s appointment.

3. Ripe Maternity

Ripe Maternity is another piece that you can use from the beginning of your pregnancy to your breastfeeding years and beyond.

Firstly, notice the striped black and white top with front overlay. This design makes the Ripe Maternity shirt look stylish and camouflages your growing belly.

But there’s more.

This overlap has a nursing function. Squeezing your boob out from above or beneath your shirt is exceptionally uncomfortable. Instead, this overlap helps you breastfeed your baby stylishly anytime, anyplace.

Another advantage here is the shirt’s viscose blend material.

Pregnant women have more irritable skin because of the excess hormones and blood, but so do babies. Thus, the Ripe Maternity shirt will wrap your body in softness throughout your pregnancy and be delicate with your little one’s skin.

4. Mama.Licious Maternity Laura Padded Wrap Tie Swimsuit

This gorgeous swimsuit is a solid tone halter-type of swimsuit with padded cups, so it will give you all the support you crave during your pregnancy.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not feminine.

Admire the V-neckline, chest knot detail, and creasy design. All these features contour an elegant swimsuit that will attract all the gazes.

Besides, you can adjust the swimsuit according to your growing baby easily, thanks to the neck ribbon.

5. Chantilly 2in1 Maternity/Nursing

Chantilly 2in1 Dress is a beautiful, soft dress that you can use throughout pregnancy. The dress is comfortable and flexible so that it will grow with your baby.

Most women who purchase the Chantilly appreciate its black-and-white geometric pattern. This design has a slimming effect. The Chantilly will emphasise all your best features in combination with the waist cord.

Besides, the dress is perfect for Singapore’s weather and a pregnant woman’s low heat tolerance. The cotton stretch material is very breathable, and you have short sleeves to enjoy.

Another advantage is that Chantilly dress provides nursing access.

This beautiful dress comes with two hidden slits that allow you to breastfeed your baby discreetly and comfortably.

6. Cross-Front Luxe Maternity-Nursing Bra

Every pregnant or nursing mom knows the importance of wearing a comfortable bra. Your breasts become sensitive from the first weeks of pregnancy. Besides, pregnancy may decrease your tolerance to inflexible under-boob strings and tight designs.

Luckily, the Cross-Front Luxe Maternity Nursing Bra is made from lightweight, spandex jersey-knit cotton. These technical terms translate into soft, smooth quality that will give you all the support and flexibility you need.

There’s another advantage:

Cotton absorbs moisture quickly. And that’s something you want as a nursing mom. Also, you can wash the bra daily without getting it damaged.

But there’s more:

The Cross-Front Luxe Bra is sexy and stylish. Unfortunately, some pregnant or nursing women feel anything but that – so you need all the reminders that you can get.

Of course, the bra has no wires, just a skinny, flexible elastic for underbust support and elasticised, supple bands for the neckline.

7. Chiffon Trim Bamboo Pj Set – India Ink

If you’re to believe Instagram, you’ll be spending a lot of those first few months in your PJs.

That doesn’t mean you have to wear ugly, stained pyjamas. You can be sexy, pretty and feminine even in your nightclothes.

Chiffon Trim Bamboo proves that.

This maternity PJ set is luxurious, comfy, and comfortable. That’s because it’s made from soft, silky bamboo fibre.

This material is perfect for sleeping in and cradling your baby. Besides, the blouse sports a floral neckline and A-shape design with emphasised waist.

As you can imagine, the result is much better than wearing sweatpants.

That means you can tackle those restless nights and 2 am feeds with more confidence in your strength and beauty as a new mama.

8. Cariah Fray Denim Maternity Shorts

Being pregnant doesn’t mean nine months of leggings and wide dresses. You can be as sexy as ever by wearing these short denim pants with frayed edges.

Yes, they have elastics waistbands that give your growing belly comfort and support.

Besides, the raw hem and ripped design will help you look like a rockstar. And, like the rockstar mum that you are, Cariah Fray Denim Shorts offer you functional pockets for everything you need.

There’s another advantage to consider:

These denim pants are very versatile.

Pair them with a stretchy tank top and sneakers to run your errands or a flowy top and sandals for brunch with the girls. You can even wear them post-partum, which will serve as a good reminder that you’re still you.

9. Superga 2402 Espadrille

Pregnancy and maternity require comfortable footwear that’s easy to put on. Bending over or wearing heels may prove too uncomfortable, especially in the third trimester. Besides, advanced pregnancy or the post-partum period brings along the dreaded swollen ankles.

You have to counteract those obvious downsides with the right shoes.

These espadrilles from Superga are highly comfortable and stylish. Their slip-on design means you can put them on without strain. Moreover, their open construction is friendly for swollen feet. You also have lots of sole support, thanks to a cushiony design.

And, of course, they’re ridiculously stylish.

However, you may need more ankle support if you’re walking for longer periods and on rugged terrain.

Wrap Up

As you can see, maternity wear doesn’t have to be ugly or baggy. You can still wear beautiful, slimming, and flexible clothes throughout the most important time of your life.

But, although the products above are affordable, summing them up may be beyond your means.

You already have snowballing expenses, such as new furniture, accessories, and medical bills. If you need financial assistance, GS Credit is here to help.

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