How To Choose A Lender In Singapore? Unlocking The Secrets To Making The Right Choice In Lending

September 24, 2023

Selecting the right mortgage lender in Singapore’s property market is paramount. It lays the foundation for a secure financial future. With numerous types of mortgage lenders in the market, each offering distinct mortgage processes, it’s crucial to navigate this terrain carefully.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the essential factors you must consider when selecting a lender in Singapore. We’ll provide insights into the diverse avenues for securing a mortgage in Singapore, delve into the different types of mortgage lenders available in the market, and equip you with vital preparatory measures before applying for a mortgage loan in Singapore.

Where Can You Get A Mortgage In Singapore?

In Singapore, prospective homebuyers have an array of avenues to secure a mortgage loan. These lending options are widely accessible through various channels.

Local Bank Branches

Local bank branches in Singapore are pivotal as the traditional and most widely accessible avenue for securing mortgage loans. They serve as direct contact points for prospective homebuyers seeking financial assistance for property acquisition.

Online Lenders

The advent of the digital age has significantly elevated the prominence of online lenders in Singapore’s mortgage market. These digital platforms offer a convenient and user-friendly platform for borrowers to explore and secure mortgage arrangements. Through streamlined online processes, borrowers can access various loan options tailored to their needs.

Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage brokers in Singapore have extensive market knowledge and a network of connections within the financial industry. They serve as intermediaries between borrowers and lenders, facilitating the process of securing a mortgage. Their expertise allows them to match borrowers with suitable lenders, considering the individual’s financial situation and preferences.

Once a lender in Singapore accepts your mortgage application, they become your loan originator. They guide you through the entire mortgage process, from application to closing.

Role Of Loan Originators

  • Assess your financial situation and creditworthiness to determine your eligibility for a mortgage
  • Define the loan terms, including interest rates and repayment schedules, and ensure all necessary documentation is in order.
  • Act as your primary point of contact, providing guidance and assistance throughout the mortgage acquisition process.
  • Oversee the final stages of the mortgage process, ensuring all necessary paperwork is completed accurately and efficiently.
  • Once the mortgage is closed, they facilitate the transition to the loan servicer, who will handle ongoing administrative tasks.

Types Of Mortgage Lenders In Singapore

Conventional Banks

Besides providing depositing and savings services, conventional banks such as DBS, OCBC, and UOB extend mortgage loans. Prospective borrowers can conveniently apply online or visit a local branch to initiate the process. These institutions offer various mortgage products tailored to diverse financial needs.

Credit Unions And Financial Institutions

Credit unions and various financial institutions in Singapore also serve as mortgage lenders. Membership is a fundamental requirement for obtaining a mortgage loan from a credit union in Singapore.

These institutions frequently offer special deals exclusively for their members, presenting extra advantages for borrowers.

With a commitment to serving their members, credit unions offer competitive mortgage options and personalised financial guidance, further diversifying the lending landscape.

Non-bank Mortgage Lenders

Non-bank lenders for mortgages offer an alternative option for borrowers seeking financing. These entities, distinct from traditional banks, specialise in providing mortgage loans. They often have more flexible lending criteria and can be a viable choice for individuals who may not meet the stringent requirements of conventional banks.

Mortgage Brokers

Specialised mortgage brokers are crucial in connecting borrowers with suitable lenders, particularly for Singaporean property transactions. They have in-depth knowledge of the local property market and can assist in navigating the complex process of securing a mortgage. These brokers serve as intermediaries, streamlining the borrowing experience.

Mortgage Marketplaces Operating In Singapore

In Singapore, specialised platforms allow you to compare interest rates from various companies, streamlining the process of finding the most suitable option for your loan.

This convenient feature eliminates the need to visit multiple individual websites, ensuring that you secure a favourable deal without the hassle of extensive research.

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How To Find The Best Mortgage Lender In Singapore

Compare Online Mortgage Rates

Begin your search by comparing the online mortgage rates offered by various lenders. Many financial institutions in Singapore provide comprehensive information about their mortgage products on their websites.

This allows you to easily assess and compare the interest rates, terms, and conditions, helping you identify competitive offers tailored to Singaporean properties.

Prioritise Banks Where You Hold Accounts

Consider giving priority to banks in Singapore where you already have existing accounts. This can be advantageous, as some banks offer preferential rates and terms to their existing customers.

Existing relationships may also streamline the application process, making it more efficient and convenient.

Seek Recommendations From Trusted Sources

Leverage the power of word-of-mouth recommendations. Reach out to friends, family, and real estate professionals in Singapore who have experience with mortgage lenders. They can provide valuable insights and personal experiences, guiding you towards reputable lenders known for their reliability, customer service, and transparency.

The Necessary Preparations Before Applying For A Mortgage Loan

Before embarking on the journey to secure a mortgage loan in Singapore, there are crucial steps to ensure a smooth application process and increase the likelihood of approval.

Check And Improve Your Credit Score

As per Singapore’s credit rating system, it’s imperative to scrutinise and enhance your credit score before applying for a mortgage. Checking your score several months prior allows ample time for potential improvements.

Building a favourable credit profile involves cautious credit card use, avoiding excessive card applications, and diligently managing existing debts.

Allocate Funds For Your Down Payment

While the standard down payment for most loans hovers around 20%, it’s worth noting that some lenders may accept a down payment as low as 3%. Adequate preparation and setting aside the necessary funds in advance can significantly influence your ability to secure the mortgage and determine the terms you’ll be offered.

Ensure A Consistent Income Stream

Lenders require assurance that you have a stable income sufficient to meet monthly instalments comfortably. Verifiable income sources, such as salary statements or business revenue records, are crucial.

Maintaining steady employment or a reliable business venture strengthens your position as a prospective borrower.

Key Questions To Ask A Mortgage Lender In Singapore

Before finalising your decision on a mortgage lender in Singapore, it’s essential to pose some critical questions to ensure clarity and confidence in your choice:

What Is the Anticipated Timeline for the Mortgage Process?

Inquire about the expected duration of the mortgage application and approval process. Understanding the timeline helps you plan your property purchase and financial commitments accordingly.

Who Will Be My Main Contact Person?

Determine who your main contact person will be at the lending institution. Having a designated liaison ensures efficient communication and swift resolution of any queries or concerns that may arise.

Can You Explain The Online And In-person Steps Involved In The Mortgage Process?

Seek clarification on the steps and procedures you must follow online and in person. Understanding the process thoroughly lets you be well-prepared and ensures a smooth application experience.

What Is The Interest Rate Lock And Its Duration?

Inquire about the interest rate lock, including its duration. Knowing how long your interest rate will remain fixed can impact your financial planning and budgeting. Additionally, it provides certainty in a fluctuating interest rate environment.

Questions Tailored For Mortgage Brokers In Singapore

When collaborating with a mortgage broker in Singapore, gathering specific information is crucial to make an informed decision. Here are tailored questions to ask:

Who Is Responsible For Covering The Associated Fees, And What Will The Fee Amount Be?

Clarify the party responsible for the fees and ascertain the amount the broker will charge for their services. This transparency is essential for budgeting and avoiding unforeseen financial surprises during the mortgage process.

Why Did You Select This Lender Over Others, And How Many Lenders Did You Evaluate?

Gain insight into the broker’s selection process and discern why they opted for a particular lender. Understanding the evaluation criteria helps gauge the broker’s approach and ensures the chosen lender aligns with your needs.

How To Compare Mortgage Loan Offers In Singapore

When considering mortgage loan options in Singapore, comparing the offers provided by different lenders before deciding is crucial. To ensure you choose the best mortgage for your financial situation, consider the following factors:

Down Payment and Mortgage Insurance

Examine the required down payment percentage. Some lenders may ask for a higher down payment than others. Additionally, evaluate the cost and terms of mortgage insurance, as this can vary between lenders. A lower down payment and favourable insurance terms can significantly impact your upfront expenses.


Scrutinise the various fees associated with the mortgage, including application fees, processing fees, legal fees, and any other charges. These can vary significantly from one lender to another and should be factored into your overall cost assessment.

Interest Rates

Compare the interest rates offered by different lenders. Even a slight variation in interest rates can result in significant differences in your monthly payments and the total cost of your loan over its duration. Be sure to evaluate whether the rates are fixed or variable and consider how they may change over time.

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In the dynamic landscape of Singapore’s mortgage market, choosing the right lender is a strategic financial decision that can shape your future. With careful consideration of your needs, financial goals, and a thorough evaluation of lenders’ offerings, you can unlock the secrets to making the right lending choice.

Remember, the right lender is not just a provider of funds; they are your financial partner in achieving your aspirations. Make your choice wisely since your decision will greatly impact your financial journey.

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