Types of Loans We Provide

The different types of loans and it's purpose
Payday Loan

Payday Loan

Create breathing space for yourself

Advance your salary with our flexible payday loans. Repay back the loan only when you receive your salary.

Urgent Bills

Household Repair

Vehicle Repair

Vacation Cash Shortfall

Personal Loan

Save on interest when you pay early

Need a longer term to repay back the loan? Or have other sources of income apart from your salary? This is the loan for you.

Big Ticket Expenses

Medical Bills

Wedding Expenses

Personal Loan
Bridging Loan

Bridging Loan

Helping you move onto the next phase

Need money urgently, yet your money is holed up somewhere else and unable to reach you yet? We can help bridge that gap for you.

House Renovation

People awaiting sales proceeds from selling house

Foreigner Loan

Kickstart your new life in Singapore

We are professional Licensed Moneylender that understands life in a foreign land can be tough, especially when you have to rely on yourself. Let us help you.

S Pass / E Pass

Minimum $1500 monthly income

Foreigner Loan

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