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Bathroom Accessories & Fittings in Singapore: How to Choose & Buy

July 11, 2022

Whether you live in a HDB or a private property, most people have favorite rooms in their houses. For some, it can be the living room, others kitchen, and others bedroom. It’s basically the area where you like to relax at. Whichever room you choose as your favorite, you try to make it as comfortable and homely as possible.

However, many people do not consider the bathroom, and in the process, they overlook it when renovating the house. The bathroom is an essential part of the house and can be anyone’s favorite part.

We get energy for the day ahead when we shower in the morning. It is the ideal location to rejuvenate while performing your skincare routine at night. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to design a space that will enable us to exploit our bathroom’s functionality (or even attractiveness!). It is also the reason why we get many applications for our low interest renovation loans. If you’re looking for fantastic bathroom accessories in Singapore but are unsure which to choose or where to get them, this is the place for you.

What Are The Common Bathroom Accessories?

Bath Tub
A bathtub usually referred to as a bath or tub, is a bathroom fixture that holds water so a person or animal can bathe. Most trendy bathtubs are constructed from cast iron, steel, fiberglass-reinforced polyester, or thermoformed acrylic. Typically, a bathtub is installed in a bathroom on its own or in conjunction with a shower. While this is less common in Singapore, it is the fairytale bathroom for many!

Overhead Shower
Not everyone enjoys the thought of taking a bath in a bathtub. To save time, the majority of Singaporeans use an overhead shower. The ideal showering experience is provided by an overhead shower, which also elevates the ambiance of your bathroom. With so many shower configurations available, you can pick the one that best suits your requirements.

Grab Rails
Grab rails are extremently important if you’re living with your elderly parents! Grab rails, commonly referred to as grab bars, are sturdy and valuable assistive products. The aged and disabled can be kept safe with them. Adding grab rails or handicapped-accessible handrails to your bathroom can significantly improve bath safety. This long-lasting bathroom fixture offers security and assurance.

Grab rails come in various lengths and materials, including plastic, stainless steel, and chrome. If money is tight, choose rails made of chromium. In addition to being durable, chrome accessories are also simple to maintain.

Mirrors are essential in the bathroom. It would be best if you went for the adjustable mirrors since they allow easy mobility depending on the time of the day and the room’s illumination. You can also choose mirrors that have lighting. They will give you a better view of yourself while admiring yourself.

Vanity Counters
Various countertop materials can be used to create bathroom vanity tops. Although finding stainless steel or a wood butcher block in a bathroom vanity top is challenging, many of the same materials used in kitchen countertops can also be utilized in bathroom vanity tops.

Where To Buy Bathroom Accessories and Fittings in Singapore?

There are a lot of bathroom fittings stores in Singapore, and it can be time-consuming to get the right store with genuine products. However, we are here to assist. Below are some of the trusted stores for bathroom fittings in Singapore.

1. Bathroom Accessories Singapore Online
In both residential and commercial settings in Singapore, Bathroom Accessories Singapore Online installs and replacements a range of bathroom accessories. They specialize in guiding their customers in choosing the appropriate bathroom accessories that complement their décor and offer several crucial advantages.

They deal with bathroom fittings, showers, wash basins, toilet accessories, and spas. Bathroom Accessories Singapore Online offer its products at affordable and reasonable rates. They are located at 1090 Lower Delta Road #03-07Q, Singapore 169201.

2. Bathroom Gallery
Bathroom Gallery, with its enormous 15,000-square-foot showroom in the east, offers a wide range of bathroom products from numerous reputable international manufacturers.

For homeowners to shop in a well-designed and organized space while feeling at home in a posh environment. Grohe, Hansgrohe, and Duravit are a few well-known brands.

3. KHK Asia
In Singapore, KHK Asia is the authorized distributor of all Kohler goods. Their opulent showroom, located along Lower Delta Road, features an outstanding assortment of Kohler goods that have been tastefully presented for your viewing and testing.

IKEA is the place to find the cheapest bathroom accessories Singapore if you are working on a tight budget. IKEA has a fantastic selection of household goods, including fixtures and accessories for the bathroom.

This is ideal if you already have a minimalist or Scandinavian theme. Compared to branded goods, most of the products offered here are reasonably priced and of decent quality. It is also the best for homeowners who like to DIY their own furniture!

Top Brands For Bathroom Fitting In Singapore

1. Tuscani Italy
The TUSCANI brand, established in 2004, is renowned for its high-quality products and millennium-style design. It is among the top brands of bathroom accessories in Singapore.

They put a big emphasis on quality control to guarantee top performance on their tapware. They have been supported by renowned architects and numerous satisfied clients worldwide, and the stringent manufacturing criteria they have established are a testament to their excellent perfection.

Every single TUSCANI product, they are proud to say, is the outcome of committed innovation, quality, and design, utilizing the most recent advancements in manufacturing technology. Because of this, their products have been chosen for several effective marketing and consumer efforts.

2. Kohler
Kohler is an American-origin company producing bathroom and kitchen fittings for a long time. It has been in the business since 1873. It is famous for producing chic and contemporary bathroom accessories in Singapore.

Additionally, they are an excellent alternative for small bathrooms because they feature sleek options and require less installation than rival manufacturers.

3. Duravit
Duravit introduced cutting-edge, holistic bathroom designs and new technologies under the slogan “Your future bathroom.” Numerous technological and product advancements, two furniture series, creative installation components, and more may all be attributed to Duravit.

While concentrating on its product line as a manufacturer of modern designer bathrooms, the business continues to define trends for the future.

4. Grohe
Grohe is among the famous bathroom fittings manufacturers and has won more than 300 accolades for design and innovation. They stand for the ideal fusion of good designs and cutting-edge technologies.

It is a German brand that is known for its engineering and innovation. It would be best to consider it when looking for bathroom fittings and accessories in Singapore.

How to Choose Bathroom Fittings and Accessories

Bathroom fittings and accessories are not a luxury; they are a necessity. This is why you should make an informed decision while making your purchases. The following are some of the things to consider when making a bathroom fitting and accessory purchase:

  • Try negotiating with your creditor for more time or a lower interest rate.Durability: In bathroom fixtures like taps, hand showers, showers, and faucets, durability is an important quality to look for. Choose a material that can withstand moisture and resists rusting since these fittings will be handled often and become wet.
  • Cost: You can’t disregard your budget, but don’t let it drive all of your decisions. Make sure the bathroom fixtures you select will be economical in the long run. Opt for bathroom fixtures built to last for years since they are made of high-quality materials.
  • Space Planning: Before making a significant investment and buying everything you want, consider the size of your bathroom. The types of fixtures and appliances you can use will depend on this.

Can I Use A Renovation Loan For Bathroom Fittings?

Most people in Singapore would agree that a home is a person’s largest personal asset and investment because even public housing typically costs a fortune. To entice potential tenants, landlords must keep their rental properties tidy, efficient, and presentable. Homeowners and their families would comprehend the need to design chic, cozy living places where they spend most of their free time all the more, which is not limited to the bathroom.

Most Singaporeans however, do not have enough immediate cash for the entire home renovation. The usual home renovation costs between $30,000 to $100,000.

What Is A Renovation Loan?
A renovation loan allows homeowners access to credit or the money to make the modifications they want or need to make to their homes. Renovation loans are available in various packages, from straightforward personal loans to government-backed loans. Whatever path you choose, your lender can assist you in finding a means to consolidate your debt, preventing the need for two separate payments.

The most common remodeling loans by banks let you take one to five years to repay your loan, and the highest loan amount is $30,000 or six times your monthly wage, whichever is lower. There is typically an $24,000–$30,000 minimum yearly income requirement.

Unfortunately, it is often not enough.

To get a larger renovation loan, you can choose to approach a legal licensed moneylender such as GS Credit. Do not be discouraged with licensed moneylenders. These are registered businesses selling legitimate financial packages.

Best of all, they are able to offer renovation loans larger than $30,000. You can choose to take a full renovation loan from GS Credit, or top-up your loan amount with us! To get a quote for the renovation loan, click here.

What Are The Benefits of Taking a Renovation Loan?

Most of the time, making a new home or your first home will involve labor. Renovations are a normal part of house ownership and, with some forethought, can also be financed as part of your mortgage.

Consider taking the money upfront rather than delaying your initial restoration project for years or squandering your hard-earned savings.

Below are some of the benefits of taking a renovation loan:

  • Try negotiating with your creditor for more time or a lower interest rate.Durability: In bathroom fixtures like taps, hand showers, showers, and faucets, durability is an important quality to look for. Choose a material that can withstand moisture and resists rusting since these fittings will be handled often and become wet.
  • Renovation loans come with lower interest rates compared to personal loans.
  • Renovation loans offer a wide range of packages when applying for them.
  • You can take a renovation loan that is >$30,000 with financial institutions like GS Credit

These ideas and trends are meant to direct and help you. Make the decisions yourself and add your creative touch to them to see if they fit in your new house!

Start your home renovation with the best renovation loan now!

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