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How To Deal With Loan Shark Harassment In Singapore: 5 Solutions For You

Singapore is actively fighting loan shark harassment because many people are falling into the trap of Ah Longs. Known for violence, harassing victims and making unreasonable demands, loan sharks make the lives of their borrowers terrible. These illegal moneylenders are well-versed in the art of manipulation. Once they hook you in, though, they’ll become violent. […]


How To Apply For Credit Counselling In Singapore (Easy Guide)

In situations where credit card debt spirals out of control due to various reasons ranging from spending habits to medical issues, you may need help to get back on track. There’s nothing to be ashamed about in getting help. In fact, you should be proud of reaching out! For some, they may choose to take […]


Your Guide To Getting The Best Urgent Loan In Singapore 2021 With Fast Approval

Imagine all the things that can go wrong at any moment: an accident that requires hospitalization, an unforeseen funeral, or an unplanned trip. If you are like most people, chances are that you might not have enough to cover for these expenses in your savings account. If you need cash immediately, there is a better […]

Getting the Best Personal Loan Singapore from Licensed Moneylenders

Getting the Best Personal Loan Singapore from Licensed Moneylenders (in 2021)

The best personal loan is one that’s tailored specifically for your needs, regarding repayment terms as well as your purpose. That’s why two factors are essential: Your lender What you’re using your loan for Let’s take an example. If you have multiple outstanding loans with late payments that add to $5,000, you can get a […]

Taking an Urgent Fast Cash Loan Singapore

Taking an Urgent Fast Cash Loan Singapore (2021 Update)

An urgent fast cash loan is a facility that is very beneficial to a large number of applicants in Singapore. This type of loan has unique features that do not apply to most of the other types of loans. Urgent fast cash loans are very suitable in cases of emergencies. For many Singaporeans, this type […]

Holiday Loan

Time to go for a Vacation

If life is a book, those who never travel only read a page. The year end is around the corner, it means school holidays, Christmas holidays and the Chinese New Year holidays are all queuing up to visit you. Therefore, it is time to plan and go for that holiday. Travel to destress, family bonding, […]

Secured Loans - GS Credit Singapore Money Lender

Secured Loan – prevention is better than cure

You may not suffer from insomnia now because borrowing money was never that easy; the perception of world has changed today as borrowing money is not considered a taboo. You may be in a deep monetary crunch, there are various ways to dig yourself out of the financial mess, and one of the comfortable ways […]

Bad Credit - GS Credit can help your financial needs

Bad Credit (Credit Cards): How You Can Avoid High Fees

Bad Credits? Read on. Individuals with problematic credit histories often suffer unfairly from high mortgage, insurance, and car loan rates. On top of that, they have difficulty getting approved for credit cards. The whole situation can get extremely frustrating. Frequently, I get emails from consumers wondering what they can do to rebuild their credit. The […]


How to spot an Unlicensed Money Lender

It’s frightening to know despite all the clamping down on loansharking activities by the government, loan sharks are becoming more brazen and creative with different methods to scam innocent people. There seems to be no shortage of loan sharks operating in Singapore and very often we can hear about their activities from the news, such […]


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