Time to go for a Vacation

November 26, 2018

If life is a book, those who never travel only read a page.

The year end is around the corner, it means school holidays, Christmas holidays and the Chinese New Year holidays are all queuing up to visit you. Therefore, it is time to plan and go for that holiday.

Travel to destress, family bonding, or just to escape from family, regardless of the reason for your holidays, We Singaporeans just love to go for vacations. Saying so, isn’t it one of the main reasons why we work so hard?

Not sure where to go? Below are the top 10 places Singaporeans loves to go and the averages days they spent base on activities and budget.


  1. Tokyo (8-10days) – A place to keep eating because it is the land of “where everything tastes so good”, shopping non-stop. With so many places and things to see and do, you will need another holiday to rest after this holiday. It is a fantastic place for lovers, family with children and wonderful if you are traveling alone too. The usual route will be Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka. Sakura full bloom viewing is a must do at least once in your life.
  2. Taipei (4-6 days) – Food heaven and night market!!! Taipei is a city full of friendly people. Shilin Night Market is a must go must eat stop. Ability to read mandarin is a plus.
  3. Seoul (6 days) – Place to watch/or to become tall handsome men and beautiful women and eat your Korean BBQ at the same time, don’t forget to bring back lots of facial mask for yourself, which is also a great present for friends/colleague, you will be popular among them for doing so.  Will be superb if you can speak their language, you will be able to absorb their culture.
  4. Bangkok (4 days) – Shopping paradise for clothes, Instagram cafes and adventurous eating. Only 3hours of flight from home – ideal short vacation over the long weekends.
  5. Hong Kong (4-6days) – Home to amazing dim sum and roasted meat, theme parks are great too. Avoid if you need to bring strollers. Drop by Macau for some simple gambling if you have time.
  6. Hokkaido (8-12days) – If you love nature, you will love Hokkaido. Breath taking sceneries with every changing season. Amazing seafood and Ski Resorts with their famous “powder snow” awaits you. As the cities are far apart, Self-drive trips are getting popular as Hokkaido offers many interesting pit-stops
  7. Bali (4 days) – If chill and Zen is your cup of tea then Bali is your destination where partying should be included in your itinerary.
  8. Sydney, Melbourne or Gold Coast – Depending on the time of the year and the activities you are planning, these 3 cities offer 3 different story to add a tick to your “to do list”. So that you can say “Life’s great in the Southern Hemisphere”.
  9. Penang or Malacca (4 days) – Our neighbouring country is always a great place to visit regardless the time of the year, especially if you consider our exchange rate and all that wonderful food that we can find.
  10.  Genting Malaysia (3 days) – No chance to wear that sweater you bought? On a budget? Then Genting My welcomes you with their cooling temperature, currency exchange discount and lots and lots of food and shopping. One can consider heading to KL along the way as well.


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